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October 01 2015


Mini Trampolines & Exercise Trampolines

Is Jumping on a Mini Trampoline Good Exercise?

Do you know that 10 minutes doing exercises on the trampoline could deliver remarkable benefits which are parallel to 30 minutes on a treadmill? Wow, it is so amazing. That is the reason why instead of going to fitness clubs or centers, many people nowadays decide to invest in a mini trampoline for both indoor and outdoor exercises. There are many effective ways for you to improve your mini trampoline exercises. They come with different levels of difficulty to meet your needs and demands. Discover all of its popular methods now. 

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Before applying these exercises on a mini trampoline, you had better need the advice from doctors to ensure that your health could withstand much effort requirement. It is advisable for you to do various exercises from simple levels to more difficult ones. Moreover, warm up before considering other steps. You could apply these exercises below separately or combine all of them together. It depends much on your surprising creation.

Basic effective exercises


It is wonderful for jogging on a flat and comfortable surface of the trampoline. Similarly to jogging on the street, the trampoline encourages you to coordinate different movements of legs, joints, muscles and arms. After about 5 minutes, you could sprint with faster speed for better results. Remember to raise your knees on the right way.


If you prefer simple movements, let’s pay attention to basic walking. To complete this task, all you need is combining the movements of your heels and arms together. Feel relax to enjoy this task.

High jumping

A great benefit of jumping on the trampoline is the lower impact on your joints and legs. High jumps require you to make much effort and concentrate on keeping the balance. Raise your hands up and lift two legs for higher bounces.  

Jumping jacks

Move your legs first. Then, add several movements of arms for creating the positive impact on all of your body parts. By applying this method, it helps relieve your leg, back and chest pressure. It promises to make you feel completely comfortable.


Another popular exercise is twisting. As you know, this type of method requires various side-to-side motions for burning calories. Twisting contributes so much in refresh all of your muscles including knees and elbow. It is advisable for you to twist on the center of the trampoline surface.

Having a seat

It is called another name of jumping in place. With this type of exercise, you could be rest assured about its safety when jumping on a mini surface. Now sit at the center of the trampoline and bounce your upper body straightly.

All in all, finding the most suitable mini trampoline exercises is not too difficult as before. Based on your specific requirements and physical status, you could decide whether the exercise type fits you well or not. It obviously proves that doing exercises on the mini trampoline brings a great number of remarkable benefits to users, such as mental health, smooth blood circulation, pain relief, etc…
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